Specialty Infusion Therapies

In addition to the infusion therapies detailed throughout the site, Valley Vital Care manages many more kinds of infusions. Our goal is to deliver infusion care in a comfortable setting for the purpose of promoting healing and health.

Specialty Infusions We Also Provide Include

  • Dalvance
  • Entyvio
  • Injectafer
  • Ocrevus
  • Orbactiv
  • Radicava
  • Remicade
  • Stelara
  • Tysabri
  • And many more!

Please note: This is just a representative list. If a necessary infusion is not listed, we may still be able to help. Please contact Valley Vital Care so we can work together to find a solution.

Benefits of Valley Vital Care’s Services Include

  • Patients receive a personalized therapy program based on a doctor’s instructions.
  • Treatment administered in the comfort and convenience of the patient’s home or one of our ambulatory infusion centers.
  • Chronic Illness-trained pharmacists on staff.
  • State-of-the-art intravenous (IV) compounding facility offers a complete spectrum of product concentrations.
  • 24/7 emergency product/assay availability.
  • Experienced, registered nurses specialize in the latest medication options for various chronic illnesses and home infusion techniques.
  • Counseling on chronic illness treatment and medications by our nurses and pharmacists

Patients living with chronic illness require quality service and customized care plans to help restore optimal health and the highest quality of life. Working in conjunction with the patient, the patient’s care givers, prescribers, and our clinical team, we help create and carry out a customized action plan to provide all necessary infusions, monitoring, and support.

Learn just how easy infusion therapy can be.