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At Valley Vital Care, our top priorities are the health, safety, and comfort of our patients.  We become part of the care team from the first meeting, typically held right in the hospital before discharge or in the patient’s home or one of our infusion suites.  We collaborate with a patient’s health care providers and care givers, and we develop a customized plan for infusion therapy to be administered either at home or in one of our state-of-the-art infusion suites.  We coordinate care throughout treatment with frequent communication with the patient and the rest of the care team.  Our infusion therapy services are designed to be a cost-effective alternative that offers superior care while reducing the length of hospital stays, relieving stress, and improving quality of life.

What is treatment like with Valley Vital Care?

Beginning Treatment

Our first meeting with a patient, typically held in the hospital before the patient goes home, gives us a chance to meet the patient, family members, and the patient’s physicians.  This is when Valley Vital Care becomes part of a patient’s care team.  Many patients are concerned about receiving treatment at home.  We take time to explain the process and answer questions.  We want patients to know that they are not alone and have a whole team by their side throughout the entirety of their therapy.  Our goal is to ensure a smooth and seamless transition from the hospital or doctor’s office to the home setting.

During Home Care

Valley Vital Care delivers the first dose of medicine during the initial visit.  Throughout treatment we check in with patients regularly, we refill doses as needed, and we review lab work and monitor outcomes.  But, the most critical service we provide is our diligent coordination and communication between all elements of the patient’s care team.  We make sure everyone is on the same page throughout treatment to safeguard quality and continuity of care.

Completion of Home Care

The end of home treatment is marked when infusion access is removed by the home health aide or a medical practitioner.  Valley Vital Care is committed to continuing as a part of the care team until treatment concludes.  We make it a standard practice to follow up with patients and answer any final questions or concerns prior to discharging from service.

Valley Vital Care helps patients navigate a complicated and often fragmented healthcare system.  We help patients smoothly transition from hospital to home.  We serve as an integral part of a patient’s care team and provide critical communication and coordination among all parties involved in the patient’s care.  The result is that patients spend less time in hospitals where they are at greater risk for infection and stress and more time at home in comfort recuperating and restoring health.

Insurance Coverage

Valley Vital Care is the cost-effective provider of infusion and clinical care services. We work with Medicaid, Medicare, and all commercial insurance plans. With support from our corporate billing team, we help patients navigate the complex medical care system and facilitate billing, insurance claim requirements, and reimbursement for the best possible patient savings.


The pharmacy at Valley Vital Care is very different than most pharmacies. Our pharmacy caters exclusively to our patients and is equipped with the medications, supplies, and equipment to satisfy the infusion patient’s need. We operate an ISO level 5 clean room environment where we compound medications and fill and refill prescriptions for intravenous (IV) and injectable medications. Our current pharmacy is part of our Waynesboro location. An additional pharmacy in Richmond is coming soon. To learn more, please call (540) 569-3463.

Valley Vital Care keeps track of the number of doses patients have at home and calls a few days in advance of the last dose.  Some IV medications have a short shelf-life after being compounded and may require twice per week deliveries.  If something happens to a patient’s medication and a dose must be discarded, patients are asked to notify the pharmacy so records can be updated.  We ask patients to remember to rotate inventory at home and to first use the older medication.  Patients should always check the “discard after,” date on each prescription prior to infusing.
Valley Vital Care sends all the supplies necessary to infuse medication and maintain venous access. Frequent follow up calls are made with patient and pharmacy staff to facilitate refills. For items related to wound care or other needs, patients are asked to check with their nursing company.
Valley Vital Care sends all supplies needed to administer medication and maintain venous access in the home setting. This includes heparin and saline flushes, any necessary batteries, needleless connectors, dressing change kits, gloves, alcohol prep pads, and more. For additional supply requests, patients should notify the pharmacy.
Valley Vital Care is open during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. In an emergency, please call (540) 569-3463 and follow the prompts to reach our on-call team. Patients are welcome to leave a message after hours by calling the number above and follow the prompts. We respond to all messages by the next business day.
Valley Vital Care sends many deliveries via FedEx to arrive the next business day in an insulated cooler box.  Patients who live in close proximity to the pharmacy may have a Valley Vital Care staff member deliver medications.  In certain instances, Valley Vital Care will use a third-party courier service to deliver medication.  Patients should inspect all deliveries to ensure everything arrives in a satisfactory condition and that all items are received.  If items are omitted from a delivery, please call (540) 569-3463 for assistance so we may rectify any issues.
Valley Vital Care partnered with Vital Care Inc. in Meridian Mississippi to handle billing and acquisitions. Our expert billing specialists are ready and happy to assist with any benefit related concerns at (601) 482-7420.

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