Anti-infective Therapy

In anti-infective therapy, antibiotics, antivirals, or antifungal drugs are administered to treat infections that do not respond to oral medications. Anti-infective therapy can be administered safely in the home or in one of Valley Vital Care’s infusion suites. Home administration of anti-infective therapy is optimal for patients who require long-term, anti-infective therapy or those who have chronic infections not treatable with oral agents.

At Valley Vital Care, we provide safe, effective, efficient, and personalized anti-infective therapies to help address acute or chronic health concerns and improve quality of life and patient outcomes.  Our team of professionals assists each patient in every step of their home infusion experience.  From initial contact, therapy is monitored by experienced clinicians (pharmacists and nurses) who coordinate care with patients, caregivers, and prescribers to help ensure a successful and effective experience.

Benefits of our Home Anti-infective Therapy Include

  • Earlier discharge from the hospital or avoidance of hospitalization altogether.
  • Patient education on prescribed medication, administration technique and schedule, and all aspects of the care to be provided throughout therapy.
  • Administration of the first dose of therapy in the home, when appropriate, based on the judgment of the prescriber and clinical team.
  • Proactive calls from Valley Vital Care to ensure therapy is going well and facilitate future refills of medication and supplies.
  • Coordination with patient’s health care providers to help ensure positive responses to therapy.
  • Communication with health care providers to monitor laboratory values relevant to the prescribed therapy.
  • Optimization of anti-infective therapy based on lab results (pharmacokinetic monitoring) provided by doctor and patient assessments (therapeutic monitoring).
  • A dedicated professional is assigned to provide optimal reimbursement assistance.

Our goal is to enable our patients to receive customized, quality care in a comfortable environment.  We equip our patients with the supplies, knowledge, and support to succeed in the outpatient setting and improve health outcomes.  Our services make it possible for patients to get the treatment they need without needless hospital visits that are expensive and increase the risk of infection.

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