Nutrition Support

There are many circumstances when a person cannot ingest any or enough nutrients by mouth due to an illness or surgery, and the patient must receive nutrition in a different way. Nutrition can be provided either through a feeding tube (enteral nutrition) or an intravenous tube called a PICC line that is inserted directly into the vein (parenteral nutrition or TPN). The amount, type, and route of nutrition is determined on a case-by-case basis for each patient.

Valley Vital Care provides comprehensive home nutrition support services, including enteral and parenteral nutrition, to patients ranging from pediatric to elderly.  Our team of specialists includes nursing staff, pharmacists, and dietitians.  We coordinate between patients, caregivers, and other members of the healthcare team to develop an individualized plan of care for each patient and to facilitate an easy transition from the hospital to the home.

Advantages to Valley Vital Care’s Nutrition Support Services

  • Dedicated staff serve as clinical resources and reimbursement specialists to all Valley Vital Care customers.
  • Local teams offer care coordination and pre-discharge education to ensure every patient receives safe, efficacious, and superior care.
  • Nutrition therapy is managed by a team of dedicated clinicians to promote optimal support and positive patient outcomes.
  • Our team evaluates and manages the patient’s response to therapy and advancement towards treatment goals.
  • Access to nutrition-related products and supplies from numerous manufacturers guarantee we can meet the unique needs of all patients in our care.

Recognizing the potentially life-altering impact of nutrition therapy, our goal is to deliver crucial care, minimize complications, and improve the quality of life of each patient.

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