Your Valley Vital Care clinical staff will be involved from the very beginning of your transition to home care.

Antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal medications treat a wide variety of minor to severe infections. Some patients may need infused anti-infective medications to be administered in the hospital or in the home setting through an intravenous catheter. Treatment is focused on controlling the infection and preventing complications. Duration of therapy may range from days to several months depending on the severity or site of infection.

At Valley Vital Care, our skilled clinical teams throughout our network specialize in treating patients who need long-term or complex anti-infective therapies. With a referral to a Valley Vital Care location, patients receiving intravenous (IV) antibiotics or other anti-infective medications will receive comprehensive care in coordination with the physician.

Our pharmacy staff will work closely with the patient’s health care providers to complete a comprehensive patient assessment before establishing an effective and appropriate treatment regimen. Our patients receive frequent assessments from our clinicians, in order to reach patient-specific goals and maximize patient satisfaction.